Perl interface to omniORB

Latest news

  • 2006-10-07 Released version 0.8.
  • 2005-07-05 Project started, and initial sources checked into CVS. A release will be forthcoming soon after the next release of omniIFR.

About CORBA::omniORB

CORBA::omniORB is a Perl interface to the omniORB CORBA implementation. As with the earlier CORBA::MICO module (on which it was originally based), CORBA::omniORB is completely dynamic, making it unnecessary to pre-generate "stubs" or "skeletons" with an IDL compiler.

Due to their common heritage, the CORBA::omniORB, CORBA::MICO, and CORBA::ORBit modules all implement the same IDL mapping and are largely cross-compatible.

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